DIY Pocket T-Shirt April 27 2017, 0 Comments

We hate waste here at VSM, so we keep all of our scrap fabrics to turn into our much loved pocket shirts. They make great gifts and are a perfect addition to any wardrobe! They're really fun and easy to make by following our step by step guide...


Take a piece of card and cut a square approx 4" wide by 5" high. Snip off the bottom side corners to give that 'pocket shape'.


Place your cardboard guide on the reverse of your fabric and cut around with an inch to spare all around. (keep the printed side of the fabric face down!)


With a warm iron, carefully fold down the fabric over your cardboard guide and press with the iron. Do this for all sides.


Carefully unwrap the cardboard guide from the fabric, turn over and press the finished pocket square with the iron.


Take your tshirt and place on a flat surface. Carefully position your pocket onto the tshirt. Pin in place.


Sew in place! Leave the top open so its a functioning pocket! If you dont have a sewing machine you can stitch by hand, it shouldnt take too long! Remember to open the tshirt so you dont sew the tshirt together! 

And thats it! We'd love to see your creations! Tag us on social media #vintagestyleme


Behind the scenes at Vintage Style Me! April 24 2017, 0 Comments

A few little images of the hard work that goes on in the back ground at Vintage Style Me! We put a lot of effort into our shoots and our collections, but we have the most fun along the way! 

Spring is finally here and so is our new collection! April 24 2017, 0 Comments

At the first glimpse of a daffodil, and a temperature which means you can leave the coat at home (if you're feeling brave!) we were busy shooting the first drop of our spring 17 collection!

It all started with a strange longing for banana print fabric sometime last year. Fast forward a few months, my hopes were answered and we managed to get our hands on some! This was the focal point for our latest collection, bright colours and child-likes designs.

To compliment our banana dress, we made the cactus smock. Also boasting pretty pleated sleeves and ruffle collar. Our rich blue prom style dress makes us start dancing the Macarena as it just screams 80s disco to us! For a more delicate taste our Venetian sundress is inspired by a recent visit to venice and the beautiful lace and tartan curtains hanging in the restaurants there. Our unique dresses are all handmade in our studio in Cheltenham and come in sizes Uk6-Uk18. We are able to do custom sizes up to size UK28 also, but please email us for a quote.


We'd love to know your favourite styles this summer, and as always are signature tartan and dino print smocks are available all year round!